Thursday, May 1, 2008

What I am loving right now - Part 2

I am almost as addicted to strollers as I am to diaper bags and birthday t-shirts (see past posts if this does not ring a bell). But in this instance, I am far more diligent about research. It's a lot like the way I am about cars. My friends gave me HELL when I decided to hand over my "I am still a cool mom" card and go for a minivan. They even kidnapped the new ride and pimped it out to such an extreme, that when I saw it I nearly peed my pants. With that said, I am not really a car person. If Consumer Reports gives it an A and it has all of the gizmos and gadgets I need for the kids, I am golden. By the way for all of you with our much more stylin cars - I LOVE MY MINIVAN!

So you can imagine that though I love amenities on a stroller, I love practicality more. And that, my dear readers is why I must extol the virtues of our (not so new anymore) Graco Ipo umbrella stroller. I needed something fast and easy for the 1 1/2 year old in my house who hates being in a stroller, but at times still must. The Chicco we had from my older daughter was only OK and on it's last leg. Now I am sure most of you did not even know that the Honda of strollers (Graco) had an umbrella stroller - but they do. It is newish and available at both and Best part is that like most of my cars - it is brown. What is better than a stroller in the same color as the dirt your kids will put all over it? I have been very happy thus far with this stroller. Though, I must confess that the sunshade is a little short and does not always cover my daughter's face well enough. But that is truly my one and only issue. The price is right, decent storage underneath, easy to open and close, easy to buckle, light enough, carrying strap attached. All in all an A in my book!