Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Gift Guides

I have added more gift guide buttons to the left column and will post soon with my very own wish list. Here is the link to another one I like too.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Look at her she's walking

Say it ain't so. My baby is walking. 14 months and she decided overnight to go from "I take one step, fall and get frustrated," to "I can walk the width of the deck." So of course right after getting video footage of it with my favorite point and shoot camcorder (you might recall from a post last spring The Pure Digital Point and Shoot Camcorder
and of course sending that out to all family and friends, all I could think about were the shoes I'd get to be buying for her delicious feet. The caveat (because there always has to be one) is that she is a size 4 extra wide. Therefore, I'll likely wind up at Stride Rite with the same UGLY ones her sister had. For some unfathomable reason shoemakers seem to think that if your baby has wide feet, you have no taste or style. Let's pretend for a moment that this was my fantasy and I was able to pick anything - these are some of my current favorites.
love the Sportie in Butterscotch and the Jakester in Watermelon. digging the X-bones and the red and orange Mary Janes in he upcoming styles
but not 100% sure about the squeaking in light rose in barollo in blush

AND MY FAVORITE - can't even deal with the cuteness factor of the Veggie Boots and the Orange Fun Dots.

My runner up - just LOVE the Riley boots, the April sneakers and the Stella mary janes. Karen Ann, Sadie and Neo from last season (and still available) are darn tootin too.

The season for want (but certainly not need)

My in-laws make a VERY big deal about the holiday's. Totally over the top! That and having two small kids makes this the time of year I begin to think about gifts. Anyone who knows me well would agree that I LOVE to give gifts, even more than I like to receive them (no worries I never turn down a gift). With that said, it seems the Holiday Catalogs starting coming this year at the end of summer. There is normally nothing more annoying, but now that my older daughter thinks she should sit down with a pen and "seriously" circle all of the things she "has to have", it's more tolerable. So I have begun a list (hopefully a lead free one) and will share all of the 1+ and 4+ recommendations. It will be complied from many other mom blogs as well as our own wants. I will also share best places to find them. Much of the list will veer from the traditional b/c quite frankly if I have to look at more toy with lights, music, bells and whistles I might just - well you know. I will also change the ad on the left column from "back to school" picks to "holiday picks" as soon as Cool Mom Picks updates theirs.

For now their "safer toy guide (i.e lead free)" button is on the left-hand column below the Blogher ads.

Here are a few other good guides to web shopping with coupons -

Anyone with a "must have" or a list of their own should feel free to share in the comment section and I will post it as part of my list (but with credit to the author).