Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A good reason to get knocked up

I'll admit that I need no reason or excuse to have a third. I literally delivered my second (without drugs) and thought "that can not be the last time I do that" and exactly one year later I still feel the same way. The issue, it seems is that the husband feels 2 is the perfect number "man on man defense" he says. So I threaten to find a new husband who will fulfill my 3rd child desire but alas I kid (sort of). And today of all days is hard because my potential last baby is 1 and not so much a baby anymore. She is into everything and very opinionated, much more toddleresque then I remember my first being at 1. Then to add insult to injury, I saw this amazing babymoon idea on the Mommies With Style blog -

I mean - come on! Why is it always too little to late for me with these things? Why have I never heard of this before? More importantly why did I not think of it and sell the idea to a hotel chain? But, to fulfill my altruism for the day, I thought I'd pass it along to those who can still take advantage of said fabulousness. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Croc a doodle you

I like to consider myself open minded and easy going (a gasp from my mother’s mouth can be heard from here) but I’ll admit that I prefer when my kids clothes match, and or, coordinate. Which makes my daughter’s obsession with her purple crocs a bit hard to take. I think they are adorable and the fact that they can get wet and not stink like the locker rooms of a boys gym is a big plus as well. But really - they do not match her flower girl dress nor are they appropriate with winter clothes – until now. A total must have for kid's fall and winter feet - crocs mammoth for kids - (type in kids mammoth in the search at the top and then click the image to see color selection and description). So many colors and two choices for the fuzzies (oatmeal and black) what more could a mom ask for?
So super cute and the holes are faux so no wet or cold toesies. The best part is that the fuzzy stuff is removable so they can totally get thrown in the wash. She let me get them for her in a neutral brown, which will solve many a fashion faux paus. Life is good...for now.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More on obsession

I really try to put it in check, really I do. But, sometimes it is overwhelming because I just want things a certain way. So when it came to my older daughter's first birthday, my mom made a custom ladybug cake for her and we had sheet cake for the guests. This time I have to have a sheet cake from a particular bakery (it has to be kosher) so I am more limited. Still, I thought I'll go online and find some adorable ideas for 1st birthday cake designs and ask the bakery to try to match it. Well no such luck. I spent the better part of 2 days searching and let me assure you - there is little to be had. I wanted something that could be adapted to a sheet cake and nothing too too. I was hard pressed to even be able to find images, much less ideas. I was not only disappointed, but worried I'd have to ask them to write her name and "make it cute." Alas, I found a multi-tiered cake with polka dots in citrus colors that has some fondant flowers and butterflies. I asked the bewildered woman at the bakery to "use it as a guide." Keep your finger crossed for Sunday when I pick it up. Feel free to comment at the end of this with ideas I was unable to find for sites to view 1st birthday cake designs.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


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Moderately obsessed

I guess it all depends on your personal definition of moderate. Mine includes 10-15 hours online, no less than 5 conversations with my mother and at least 2-3 emailed links to friends, just to find the PERFECT shirt for my 2nd daughter to wear to her 1st birthday. Seriously obsessed would have applied to my first daughter's, first birthday and the insane search for her dress (no dress for the 2nd one, I am more reasonable now). That entailed the PERFECT dress ordered months in advance from a local woman who (despite my deepest desire to smear her) will remain nameless. That dress arrived so totally different from what was promised that I refused to put it on my daughter (it had puffy sleeves for g-d sakes) and refused to pay for it. Which lead to much last minute insanity and an overnight package from my mother in NY. (thank g-d for overindulgent mothers) It contained no less than five dresses she hoped would fit and be acceptable to a - by then, insane me. I did at the time, try to convince myself that it was not for naught. She looked darling and if I had another girl, she too could wear it for her 1st birthday. I should have been right - their birthday's fall less than 1 month apart. However, I did not anticipate that #2 would outweigh #1 (now almost 4 years old) by many lbs at a year, and therefore the 6-12 month dress would not work.

Back to now. I have done my homework and am so much more the savvy mama than before. I knew the smorgasbord of choices that would be, but a google search away. But ahhhh - there in lies the problem. Who could dive into 24,453 (or so) hits to "birthday t-shirts"? It was overwhelming to say the least. So the aforementioned "moderate obsession" began. I did manage to narrow it down and found several great shares in the process. She will be wearing this
For the rest of you who might be looking, here are more. Note, that most of these are for birthdays beyond the first as well.

For reasonably priced, but different try
I love the cupcake, ladybugs and the fish for boys.

For the bling chick try
Look under birthday princess boutique.

For sweet and simple try
Look under Birthday Items.

For a little humor I LOVED
These have a farm animal for each year (so one for the 1st birthday and 4 for the 4th) and might be best for boys but are super different!

For those who prefer something more subtle. Something that speaks to your child's ability to show everyone how old they are all by him/herself
They also have these for boys and for multiple ages if you search the t-shirt section.

OK, while I could post 1,000 more, those were really my favorites and this is my site after all.

With a caveat

It was my intention when I started this blog to only review/discuss/praise/bash etc. products and services I had actually tried myself. However, that would sometimes require $$'s I don't have for things I LOVE the idea of, but might not need at this very moment. So I am going to pass along a few that have been sent to me by some savvy mom's. All of these would get an A+ from me in ingenuity, originality and usefulness. If anyone buys them, let me know if they lived up to their potential.

My oldest friend on the planet sent me these
They are described as stroller pillows, which to me would imply head only. I'd be more likely to call them stroller cushions as they are for the entire body much like a couch cushion. So cute! What a great way to jazz up an old stroller (like for #2 who never gets anything of her own), or just to pimp out a little one's ride.

The same friend sent me this one (less pimp daddy, more "why didn't I think of that" practical).
These are rubber bands (bearing a striking resemblance to the live strong bracelets) that wrap around your kids drinks (baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles) so that they know (at school, camp or daycare) whose is whose. They are also available in braille for those who might need that.

Yet another friend turned me onto this catalog with unique clothes and gift items.
I recently re-found a catalog I liked a while back for their furniture and gifts.
Both super cute, but pricey.

Next up will have to be my endless quest for the perfect 1st birthday t-shirt for my daughter.

PS - No idea why the font size changes mid-post. I spent 20 minutes trying to fix it only to decide no one would care as much as me.