Sunday, December 2, 2007

My poor little smurf :(

To whom it may concern -

My 15 month old daughter wore a C.C. Clothing by Sami outfit yesterday. This outfit was purchased as a gift from Denny’s clothing in Long Island, NY. The outfit is turquoise, and by the end of the day so was my daughter. The outfit turned most of her skin blue and she has now broken out in hives everywhere her skin was touched by the clothes. I have bathed her thoroughly and she is still blue. I have had to give her Benadryl and am watching her closely for any additional reaction, per my pediatrician. I am very concerned that an outfit made for children would produce this type of problem. I expect that someone from your office will get back with me very quickly to let me know what type of dye is used in your clothing and to assure me that this will never happen to another child.

I have taken digital pictures of both the blue skin and the hives for my own records and would be happy to share, if you would care to see them.

Thank you,
Signed by me

The letter above is one I sent this morning to C.C. Clothing by Sami's ( email contact person. Of course, their website does not have an actual phone number or person to talk to. I also called the store where the outfit was purchased to see if they could provide me with a contact or phone number ( The manager said she'd get back to me tomorrow.

Keep in mind that this brand is carried at several high end kids boutiques as well as Nordstrom and many upscale kids clothes websites -, and to name a few. Please note that this is not a slam on these sites, all of which are great. I am listing them here merely to illustrate the quality of the clothing one would expect to find there and how wide the distribution of this brand is.

I wish I may, I wish I might...

As promised - our wish lists. Keep in mind that these were wants, not needs and sent to our families only as guides, not a hard and fast list.

4 year old girl

15 month old girl

Also, for both girls
  • any of the CD’s by Justin Roberts
  • they both REALLY need new bathing suits (2T and 4T, click below for one idea)

Me and my husband joint
  1. Portable Navigation System - any of the ones below
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
  • Garmin Street Pilot c550
  • Garmin Nuvi 200
2. Gift card to Crate and Barrel so we can replace all of the broken dishes and glasses we got for our wedding
3. Self cleaning toaster oven - ours is from the year of the flood

  1. New Naots – brown suede, two strap sandal (Santa Barbara) Yes, my honey is a throw back.
  2. New Briefcase
  3. Knob Creek 9 years old 100 proof
  4. Bladerunner Box set

  1. Slippers – bootie or high sock type (gap and old navy have great ones)
  2. PJ Sets – Marshalls, Filenes, TJMax carry really nice ones and nicely marked down. Victoria’s Secret also has good ones.
  3. New laptop carrier