Monday, November 5, 2007

The season for want (but certainly not need)

My in-laws make a VERY big deal about the holiday's. Totally over the top! That and having two small kids makes this the time of year I begin to think about gifts. Anyone who knows me well would agree that I LOVE to give gifts, even more than I like to receive them (no worries I never turn down a gift). With that said, it seems the Holiday Catalogs starting coming this year at the end of summer. There is normally nothing more annoying, but now that my older daughter thinks she should sit down with a pen and "seriously" circle all of the things she "has to have", it's more tolerable. So I have begun a list (hopefully a lead free one) and will share all of the 1+ and 4+ recommendations. It will be complied from many other mom blogs as well as our own wants. I will also share best places to find them. Much of the list will veer from the traditional b/c quite frankly if I have to look at more toy with lights, music, bells and whistles I might just - well you know. I will also change the ad on the left column from "back to school" picks to "holiday picks" as soon as Cool Mom Picks updates theirs.

For now their "safer toy guide (i.e lead free)" button is on the left-hand column below the Blogher ads.

Here are a few other good guides to web shopping with coupons -

Anyone with a "must have" or a list of their own should feel free to share in the comment section and I will post it as part of my list (but with credit to the author).

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Jamie said...

This is the one that I really want for samantha... she also went through the toy books saying "I deserved this and I deserved that" we try to explain that she "wants" it... oh well... this is a great winter toy... exercise!!