Sunday, December 2, 2007

I wish I may, I wish I might...

As promised - our wish lists. Keep in mind that these were wants, not needs and sent to our families only as guides, not a hard and fast list.

4 year old girl

15 month old girl

Also, for both girls
  • any of the CD’s by Justin Roberts
  • they both REALLY need new bathing suits (2T and 4T, click below for one idea)

Me and my husband joint
  1. Portable Navigation System - any of the ones below
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
  • Garmin Street Pilot c550
  • Garmin Nuvi 200
2. Gift card to Crate and Barrel so we can replace all of the broken dishes and glasses we got for our wedding
3. Self cleaning toaster oven - ours is from the year of the flood

  1. New Naots – brown suede, two strap sandal (Santa Barbara) Yes, my honey is a throw back.
  2. New Briefcase
  3. Knob Creek 9 years old 100 proof
  4. Bladerunner Box set

  1. Slippers – bootie or high sock type (gap and old navy have great ones)
  2. PJ Sets – Marshalls, Filenes, TJMax carry really nice ones and nicely marked down. Victoria’s Secret also has good ones.
  3. New laptop carrier

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