Friday, January 11, 2008

What am I loving right now - Part 1

Since we have just gotten thought the holiday season I have several kids/mom products that I am ringing in the new year with. You will all (or at least the "all" of you who spend too much time acting like virtual maps for me) be thrilled to know that I did receive the Garmin Nuvi 200
for the holiday's (g-d bless the in-laws) and I am obsessed. I have even been using "Kit" (named both for the Night Rider talking car and b/c she sounds a lot like a Kate) to get to places I am totally familiar with. I love the she tells me if there is a better way to get there. She is also a welcome addition to my kids entertainment in the car. They love to predict what she will say next and they think she is just too funny. This model is reasonable priced, can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, speaks out loud so you never have to unsafely look at the screen. It does not say the streets by name like some of the more expensive models, but that has yet to be an issue for us. Kit and I are fast BFF's and I think this will be a long term relationship.

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