Monday, April 8, 2013

The Best Version of Me

Leaving the corporate world and starting my own business was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. I agonized for far too long. Fought demons of self-doubt and uncertainty. Worried endlessly and lost my nerve several times before I just jumped. An email exchange the other day with my former boss (nearly 22 months later) was a wonderful reminder of how much I have learned.

Subject: Do you miss the agency life?

Hey Jess,
Any interest in getting back into an agency? We've got an Account Supervisor position for a new diabetes drug (U.S. marketing team) and need someone with your strategic and management skills to help. If not you, who?

Let me know.
 Former Boss
Subject: Do you miss the agency life?
Dear Former Boss
Do I miss the agency life? Tough question to answer! I miss collaboration, colleagues and great teamwork. I don't miss the hours, insane clients and deadlines and politics. I love working for myself but I do miss the agency life. I make a lot less money and work fewer hours and am the best version of myself I have seen in years. I am not looking for change right now. I love your confidence in me and miss working with you! Happy to help if you need a freelancer. I will think about who else might be good.
Drinks soon?
Subject: Do you miss the agency life?

I am sure you are the best version of you, and that's what I'm so interested in having here. However all the things you don't miss are in full evidence here and would be on the opportunity I outlined. Launching a brand is crazy. That's why having you along for the ride would make it more palatable.
I appreciate your commitment to your current life stage. Let me know if you think of anyone. If a freelance opportunity becomes an option, I'll call.

Best to the family,
Former Boss
Subject: Do you miss the agency life?

You've made my day with all of your compliments! You make a compelling case and there are parts of me that want to jump at that type of opportunity. The energy around a launch is tantamount to a great amusement park ride. If I were at a different point in my life it would be hard not to consider.
Initial thoughts from scanning my LinkedIn contact below:


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