Monday, September 15, 2014

Basket (not bucket) List

It's like riding a bike, right? Except, I've never lived alone. I've never ridden this bike before. The tires seem thinner, the seat less worn, the handle bars harder to grip and the road longer. But there's a basket. I've never had a basket before. Always wanted one, but baskets seemed like something someone else had, that I coveted from afar.

This basket is woven, no obvious beginning or end. It was empty, so open to possibility. So I began to fill it with things I never even knew I'd need for my adventure. I began the ride and a list formed on the horizon. A list of "never befores" and "maybe I cans" and "why haven't I evers?"
  1. Packing the car for a road trip as the only driver
  2. Summer adventure with my kids
  3. Driving in Manhattan
  4. Mowing my lawn
  5. Living alone
  6. Choosing everything for my new home – paint, d├ęcor, furniture, set-up
  7. Fixing and building things on my own instead of asking for help
  8. Buying my first house alone
  9. Asking amazing friends for help and support during surgery and recovery
  10. Trusting my parents adult to adults
  11. Creating circles of trust, support and community
And the list goes on, and the basket fills, and the journey is endless, and the ride gets easier as I go.

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