Sunday, May 13, 2007

No such thing as perfect

It's a shame that I can't seem to manage to post more than once a week. There is something about the insanity of my life that does not allow for more than that at this time. Which sounds a lot like an excuse when I was really just making an observation. Oh the endless guilt..........

So the green goblin (Tike Tech 360 double in Lime Green for those just tuning in) arrived in perfect time (read as the day before I was to be taking both kids to the zoo and panicking about how I was going to convince the older one that walking 5 miles was good for her mini-legs). Let's start with the good (because I like to think of my self as a "glass half full" type. Unless of course that glass contains Sangiovese Davinci Chianti, Tuscany -; in which case I am a "glass totally empty" type.)

1. It is cute. I might even venture to say hip and sleek. I had many a glance my way at the zoo (made me feel like the hot girl in the bar - something I NEVER was). A few daring moms even asked what it was and where I bought it.
2. It took no more than 20 minutes of my very non-technically inclined time to put together.
3. Both kids felt comfy and secure.
4. It has a HUGE storage basket.
5. It is easy to push and turn.
6. Did I mention it was cute??
7. The brake was easy to use.
8. It was easy to open and easy enough (once I got the hang of it) to close.
9. The only major issue I had (to be addressed in the "the bad" list) was quickly resolved by a call to the company. They offered to ship me a replacement part the next day.

1. A snap on the storage basket was broken. I rigged it fixed for now and they are shipping me a new one this week.
2. It is heavy. Not awful, but no Zooper Tango.
3. There is a five point harness where every piece has to be undone to get the kids in and out. This takes no less than a full minute each time.
4. The aforementioned harness has clips that are soooo hard to open and close (I assume they will loosen with time) that I hurt my fingers each time. Heaven forbid you were a mom with a manicure!
5. There is a clicking sound I can't get to the bottom of that is a bit concerning.
6. My parents are going to KILL me when I leave the kids with them in two weeks (for the weekend) and they have to figure it all out. I am prepared to give an on site tutorial at the airport before they take the kids and we (the husband and I) head into NYC for a kidless
weekend. More on that another time.

A- (might have been a B+ if it didn't make me look cooler than I am)

There is no such thing as a perfect double stroller. I'd like to make it my mission to design one, but I lack three essential things - a degree in industrial/product design, time, perfection.

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marla said...

i certainly dont need a double stroller anytime soon but wanted to post and wish you a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! Love you!