Sunday, June 3, 2007

That person

While in NY city for a wedding last weekend, I saw a friend who has known me for years. She made a point of noting that the blog had not been updated in some time now. She said "I knew you'd start out strong and then not keep it up." I don't want to be that person though. I worry that it is a sign of the person I am overall. That I go at things full gusto and then peter out. I don't generally think of myself that way but maybe since she was right, she was really making a statement about me and not about this blog. With that said she did share with me a great new gadget that I am now dying to have and can't find ANYWHERE. It is made by Gerber and it is just a little plastic top that can be popped onto any water bottle, juice etc. to make it into a sports like sippy cup - BRILLIANT! She got it in Duane Reade which did not have any when we looked. I have since done an extensive web search to no avail. So I am recommending this, but have no way to show it to you or to give purchasing info. In fact if anyone can tell me where to find it myself, I'd be grateful.

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the friend who has known and loved you for years! said...

now i feel bad- its not WHO you are. You are and you have NEVER stopped being an amazing friend and wonderful mother/daughter/wife which are the things that truly matter most in life. Not to mention you are a great cook, super shopper and very funny...there are just sometimes you get excited about things and then drop them...thats ok though- Your endless energy and spunky nature define you. I will find the tops and send them out to you (and i say that but i will probably buy them and carry them around in my bag for 3 months because thats who I am...!)