Sunday, June 3, 2007

Something different

Because I just had a second baby and just about everyone I know is prego, or just added to their own brood; I am constantly searching for great gifts. I am a big believer in doing something different. Anyone can give a babyGap outfit. I like to give gifts that are products I loved and found handy or things that were really different. It is especially hard to buy gifts for families that have just had a 2nd of the same sex. They likely have almost everything they need. I also find it hard to buy gifts for people who's taste I don't know that well. So, what are some of my favorites when in this bind...

1. Family stationary - I got this when my 2nd was born and LOVED it (i.e stationary or pads of paper that say "The Smiths" at the top and then has each family members name John, Jane, Fred and Beth underneath)- A friend just introduced me to this website that I like a lot I like for a more formal friend or or for a more casual couple. If you'd like to spend a little less or think pads are more fun try for mom pads or of which can be customized with two line of text at the top and one at the bottom (for an address or saying, or left blank). I just ordered for a couple with a new baby girl. The green seemed to be good b/c it was gender neutral enough to include the dad. I had the text done like my "Smith" family example above and. I ordered the mini pads which came as a set of four (200 sheets total) but these are all available in several formats.

2. A gift card to a restaurant for the couple's first non-kids night post new baby.

3. Plants - any type that require little maintenance as most first, second time moms have little time to pee much less tend to a plant.

4. Mommy Jewelry - necklaces, bracelets etc that have the kids names and birthdays on them are a big hit. There are cheaper ones and moderate and then more expensive, or for these who love bling and then their is CRAZY There are about a million others as well, but these were some of the ones I like best. Red Envelope has a large selection as well. I also like the photo ones like she also sells a lot of mommy tag types too. I love these and think they are very different

5. Personalized burp cloths - even though they might have these from the first, the 2nd needs their own -, and have cute embroidered pictures and names has names and pretty fabrics, is cute too. For the largest selection of custom options try which also has GREAT bags. For more BLING try . Another great one more for monograms is

6. Monogrammed clothes - I am sure their are a million places for this but surprisingly one of the most reasonable ($40 or less) is you can customize hats, shirts (long and short sleeve) jackets etc. with baby's monogram - super preppy and cute!

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Catherine Derrow said...

Note on Mommy Jewelry --- I bought a daddy necklace from ... it arrived, but only one of the "tags" came, even though I ordered & paid for two ... will let you know how it was resolved.

The other "mommy jewelry" that I purchased, from, looked great, was inexpensive and arrived more promptly.