Sunday, October 21, 2007

How to get LUCKY (virtually)

I'll admit that with little time in my day to sh*t in peace, leisure reading has gone almost out the window. I look forward to going to the doctors office b/c the waiting room affords me 15 minutes to catch up with some magazines I rarely see anymore. In weeding out the unnecessary reads, Lucky Magazine - home to hot fashion, makeup etc., went by the wayside long, long ago. My MIL who owns a very hip boutique still has a subscription and I peek at it at her house from time to time. It is because of that, I am confident that they are still the source of great finds. So (again from the NY Times Style Section) I was excited to see this article about their fashion sample sale of sorts, which has now gone online! Up to 70% off, over 50 designers.
For those of you who need the Cliff's Notes - go to
I have to say that this makes me long for my old home (8 long years ago) in NYC. But it also reminds me, for those of you who love to do the sample sale thing, no one beats for updates on all of the hottest sample sales virtual and brick and mortar. Just sign up for the city(s) of your choice and you'll be plugged in. Of course my favorite is that they now have a Daily Candy Kids too. How sweet is that?

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