Friday, June 20, 2008

Cliff's Notes

I am like the rest of moms out there. I HATE the idea of anything happening to my kids. Ever. So it makes me insane when on a daily basis I find out that there is just one more thing to add to the list of things they are exposed to in the most innocuous ways. First it was lead and then the toxins in most bottles and cups made specifically for kids. Grrrrrrr. I try to be diligent about these things but I also have a real life with limited time and a list as long as my arm that never quite gets completed. This is why I am really a big fan of shortcuts. "Cliff's Notes" for life. These are the types of things that take all of the thinking and draying out of my children's potential health hazards. So I will share two finds passed along my two lovies.

Nicole was kind enough to let me know that she "just can not get enough" of these lead testing swabs at Lowe's

Emily is always passing this blog along for looking up which bottle, sippy cups and sports cups are OK. This is actually a great blog overall -

Now if they only had the Cliff's Notes to my life...


nic said...

ok, here's a site I love:

I ordered the sigg and the foogo from different sites. Am looking into the bamboo stuff and love, love, love the boon line.

I feel like you lately...

Mama Luxe said...

Just a warning about the lead kits--I found out the home testers aren't really reliable for toys because you'd need to chip the paint and test each color.

A lot of local stores are doing checks with special lights and there are online stores that do their own independent testing.

We have some more info about that on in our Toys to Trust section.