Thursday, September 18, 2008

That time of year again

Yes it's birthday season in my house and I am sorry to say that I was BAD about posting my wish list for my 2 year old so I am stepping it up by posting the 5 year old's list early. These are wants (hers and mine) or just good ideas for you and your too.

  • I have been thinking that a non-tangible gift would be interesting – a star named after her or a tree in Israel etc.
  • Puzzles – LOVES these. 50-100 pieces
  • Magazine Subscription – she has Highlights but would love National Geographic for kids
  • Any of the Creations by You kits available at Target – illustrate your own story; make your own plate etc.
  • Chapter books from a series like Junie B. Jones or others
Lillian Vernon has a nice list of less than ordinary gifts -

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