Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Preventing drippage

Snaps (similar to a "shout out" for those not in sorority at one time or another) to my dear friend Caren in Atlanta who sent me to
(search under snack and sippy cups for Lil' Toppers - Spill Proof Water Bottle Tops)
and asked if these were the bottle toppers I was referring to in my "That person" post on June 3rd. They are - hurray! I have also now seen them in the One Step Ahead catalog

Those will come in handy to prevent drippage, but not as handy as these. By these I am referring to a product that my friend Emily thought of, but didn't (sadly) move on fast enough. A product, that funny enough was given to me by my MIL to try out (she carries them in her boutique). They too prevent drippage. Or, maybe not prevent it, but at least keep it your little secret.

I know you are intrigued now.

Let's be honest most of us do it from time to time and some of us do it more than that. Nope not THAT! I am referring to going commando. I mean really I love my Cosa Bella's and Hanky Panky's as much as the next girl...but nothing, really nothing feels right when you are working out. Gym pants look and feel better when I am free-girling it. And jeans...come on! Most jeans are too low cut for even the lowest of low riders. And that my friends (and perfect strangers reading this who now know about my lack of panties) is what "Commandos - the patch" is for. The packaging says - "soft cotton comfort without the panties." they are basically the crotch part of the panties that have an adhesive on the back to stick to your jeans/workout pants etc. There is even a testimonial from a gynecologist on the back (always makes me feel better). They come in a set of 8 and there are thicker one for jeans and thinner ones for other pants. The one I have are called light nude, so I assume they might also come in black.

I have to say, I was impressed. They were easy to apply to my jeans and quite comfy. And then there is the drippage we discussed. Or maybe...enough said with just a "this is a product you should try if you like me, like to go without." Now the only problem is that I cannot find a link to them - all of the websites that pop up are sketchy porn. So, I guess you will have to look for them at my MIL's store (shameless sales push) - in Bexley, OH.

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