Sunday, August 5, 2007

With a caveat

It was my intention when I started this blog to only review/discuss/praise/bash etc. products and services I had actually tried myself. However, that would sometimes require $$'s I don't have for things I LOVE the idea of, but might not need at this very moment. So I am going to pass along a few that have been sent to me by some savvy mom's. All of these would get an A+ from me in ingenuity, originality and usefulness. If anyone buys them, let me know if they lived up to their potential.

My oldest friend on the planet sent me these
They are described as stroller pillows, which to me would imply head only. I'd be more likely to call them stroller cushions as they are for the entire body much like a couch cushion. So cute! What a great way to jazz up an old stroller (like for #2 who never gets anything of her own), or just to pimp out a little one's ride.

The same friend sent me this one (less pimp daddy, more "why didn't I think of that" practical).
These are rubber bands (bearing a striking resemblance to the live strong bracelets) that wrap around your kids drinks (baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles) so that they know (at school, camp or daycare) whose is whose. They are also available in braille for those who might need that.

Yet another friend turned me onto this catalog with unique clothes and gift items.
I recently re-found a catalog I liked a while back for their furniture and gifts.
Both super cute, but pricey.

Next up will have to be my endless quest for the perfect 1st birthday t-shirt for my daughter.

PS - No idea why the font size changes mid-post. I spent 20 minutes trying to fix it only to decide no one would care as much as me.

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