Monday, September 10, 2007

Multiple choice

I always feel more pressure when buying a baby gift for multiples. I mean you can't get two of the exact same thing and I am not a registry person. So that leaves you with about 1 million t-shirts with cute twin sayings (2 peas in a pod, thing 1 and thing 2 etc.)
or trying to go for something more practical. I generally stay away from anything to do with pacifiers because some parents think they are the second coming and others feel they are more akin to the devil. However, I feel pretty confident that when you have twins all of that is out the window if it means that twin #1 is quiet while mom tries to feed twin #2. I also figured that the older they get the more likely you are to want to keep said binky's separate for fear that they would share any more germs than they already do. That's where Sassy Paci came in.
I just sent these to a friend in Minneapolis. They are adorable pacifier clips with each girls name on them and sooo stylin! I chose the pink and black toile and the pink and white toile each with the twins name on them. The owner emailed me minutes after I ordered to assure me that the receipt would go to me and a card (not part of the ordering process) could indeed be included. She actually mentioned something about scrapbooking a card for me. I can't even begin to discuss a woman who has three kids, a home based business and is going to scrapbook a card for me, a woman she has never met. But, great customer service none the less. One note for anyone who might order - when you type in the child's name it also defaults a phrase (in my case it was "sweetie), but Jesi assured me that once you put a name there they know that's all you want - that and the 9 letter maximum.

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