Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not down with that

I can't even imagine what moms in really cold places do. All I wanted were down jackets for my two girls for this winter. "No big deal" I figured. Oh, how wrong I was! I must have done three google searches, hit no less than 30 online stores and 10 brick and mortar. What is the brilliance behind a heavy down coat with NO HOOD (L.L Bean) or ones that are shiny gold (Gap) and filled not with down but polyester (Gap and Old Navy) or ones with the UGLIEST heart stitching reminiscent of 1975 (Old Navy)? Then there are the thousands of 4-in-one parkas (Children' Place). My first issue with that is that we will inevitably loose a part. Issue two is why pink and green camo?? Then there are a myriad of coats that would make my kids look like they belonged in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue (not practical for the playground) or remind me more of a poodle than a coat. So I am left with Land's End (a place I normally find far to Pollyanna for me)
I like these because they have a good color pallatte and they are plain and simple - my issue is the price - $80 for a one year old that will have milk pored down it on day one feels a bit much, but I feel I am without other options.
There is also Company Store Kids
theses are cute and reversible which is a plus but the girl option are only ok.

Anybody else have more success before I place the order tomorrow?


One Chic Mama said...

Try Hanna Andersson ( they have some far cuter ones in the same price range - and they have hoods!

Anonymous said...

mini boden has some adorable winter jackets!

productmom said...

FROM PRODUCTMOM: Mini Boden's are cute but not down.