Monday, September 3, 2007

Turning the tables

OK, I am turning the tables on readers. I normally do the reviewing and opinion giving but I am turning the tables and asking a question. What is the one product for your kids you could not live without, or think is the best new product you got to use with baby #2 that was not around for baby #1? I have my own list (bumbo seat, sling, papasan etc.) but like to constantly add. Here is your shot to share. Just click below this post on "comments" and share away.


Jamie Topolosky said...

The BEST PRODUCT EVER is the miracle blanket
A very good friend, Lindsay, gave this to me while I was in the hospital and we have used it every night since!! There is no velcro, it tucks the arms in so nicely and it is tight and comfortable. It also comes in some very cute colors!! There is truly no other product like it on the market! A must have... and it will now be my standard gift to new moms!! Check out the website!!

K Durkin said...

Though not specifically for baby, in a related category, there is a new type of maternity panel offered pretty much exclusively at Motherhood/Mimi (aka Destination Maternity) that is the a full panel but just feels like a longer stocking. It's so gentle that you don't even feel like it's there. Yet it stays in place so you're not constantly hiking up your pants. (You remember how charming that was?) It doesn't require any akward tighteners that often comes on other full panel pants. It goes all the way around so you don't feel like you have some weird piece of fabric hanging on your large gut. And best of all, the material they've chosen doesn't seem to clean to tops so you can where cute fitted tees without the "panel" line. It's kind of like one of those terrific bras you can't see under your clothes but feels terrific. Anyhow, worth a shot for any pregnant women out there. Currently, they have work pants with it, a few casual pants, and several jean styles.