Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another coat in the litanny of coats

I'll admit that I got this idea straight out of the NY Times Style Section and that it is far outside the cost parameters of the original post of kids winter coats. But, there are caveats. If you like to match with you children (not my taste, but it must be someones), or if you like high fashion for your little ones - this might be the coat.
I will tell those of you who might want it, that it is available at multiple sites that allow you to order online. Space Kiddets has amazing (read - cost of food for a small country) kids stuff but you cannot order online. Try these instead.
The one above is a little different but equally cute by the same designer.
I was however, hard pressed to find a site that sold the adult sizes. I guess for that you'd have to go to the store or call and have it sent.

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