Thursday, April 26, 2007

Because my kids really need more energy

I am pretty good about what I let my kids eat. Granted according to my mother I might as well be feeding them pure sugar and empty calories. As kids my brother and I did not have our first piece of candy until we were old enough to tie our own shoes and sugar cereal (as defined by my parents as anything other than Cheerios or Raisin Bran) is still not allowed in their house. Still, compared to other parents in Columbus (we are the 5th most obese city in the country according to the annual survey by Men's Health Magazine) I look like a saint. My kids have never eaten fast food - unless of course a meal I prepared in the microwave in under 5 minutes is considered fast food.

My kids are by any one's standards really good eaters. If asked what her favorite food is my 3 1/2 year old would likely answer sushi or Greek. She likes Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc. My seven month old did baby food ( made by me) for all of two weeks and now eats only table food. With her two teeth she has managed to eat corned beef, chicken and garlic ravioli, turkey, chicken etc. Yet, like all kids the older one likes snacks that look like kids snacks. So I compromise. My friends recently turned me onto Clif Bars, Clif Kids Organic Z Bars They are advertised as "baked whole grain energy bars for kids." And you know what they are good. Really good. Good enough that mommy eats them when she is in a rush. They are SB 19 compliant (California bill that ensure that kids snacks have no trans fats and low sugar content) and come in three flavors. Also, even though they say "energy" bar they just mean a healthy snack, there are no energy boosters in these. So there I was in Target looking to buy a whole box so that I would not run out at the worst possible moment (i.e. when she wants one and is on the verge of a meltdown). I found them on the shelf right next to another so called "healthy kids snack bar." I had to stop and compare, after all these were a little bigger (43g as opposed to 36g), cheaper, and their nutritional stats were better (1.5g less fat, 75mg less sodium, 3x the amount of protein, 2g less sugar etc), but would they taste as good? Guess what - just as good. So now what..well because kids will be kids she only wants the Clif bars. But that's OK b/c both make me feel like a good mommy - even if my mom would tell me to forget them both and pack a Ziploc full of carrot sticks.

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