Sunday, April 29, 2007


I am a list maker. An obsessive list maker at that. Yes, thanks to my mom, it is ingrained in me and I don't feel fully accomplished unless I can physically cross it all off "the list." With that said, some of my lists are mundane for groceries, books etc, some are more personal like life goals, some for today's to do's. Others are could get me arrested like, how can I leave my kids in a store mid-tantrum and go for a massage. Then there are the running tab of favorites. These are the lists I referred to in my "about me" and the ones that have been repeatedly requested by friends. And now I will share a few of those favorites with you. Whoever "you" is. Not all at once, that's like finishing the entire milkshake. But rather one at a time so that you can have time to explore them and decide if they would make your list too.
So tonight's is - favorite guilty pleasure (the only kind worth their salt) blogs. Yes, I decided that I too wanted a piece of the action, only after becoming addicted through other peoples warped worlds. So have a look-see and let me know what you like or tell me about others you to are secretly (or not so) following. - it's like crack for those of us who like celebrity gossip and like it even more when it's pint sized! What a great way to not find baby names! - exactly what it sounds like 1/2 the fat and none of the calories. - much like the one above but a bit more fashonista - not sure if it's because I knew her when we were young, or because she is a Long Island JAP transplanted like me, or because I love her book Straight Up and Dirty, whatever the reason she tells it like it is and like few people have the balls to do - the original kind of like vanilla ice cream, very reliable

There are more, but this is a good taste.

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Catherine said...

Who doesn't love guilty pleasures? What else would we do when our children nap? (By "nap", I of course mean, yell downstairs for mommy)

My top sites: --- he's nasty, in a I-know-you-were-thinking-it-too-but-too-nice-to-say-it way
www.gofugyourself ---- HILARIOUS! pointing out all the fashion don'ts and occasionally giving kudos to those who get it right --- find the greatest stuff in style now