Thursday, April 26, 2007

I wanted to call this blog productwhore but

I wanted to call this blog productwhore, but it was taken. And of course a blog aimed at moms and future moms might not do well with whore in it. Plus, I guess there could be the whole porn site confusion as well. So productmom it is. But that does not mean I am not a whore. Well not in the traditional having sex with multiple partners definition. However, if we were using "not loyal to one, always looking for a new one" definition, I am a product whore. More specifically a kid and mom products whore. Even more specifically a diaper bag whore. I have owned no less than ten diaper bags since having my first daughter 3 1/3 years ago. The first was a Petunia Pickle Bottom gifted to me by my mother-in-law. Pretty and spacious but kind of bulky and yikes it needs to be dry cleaned so it was quickly moved to the top of the closet. Next was the Skip Hop Duo in Red Liked it a lot but it was a bit snug to get everything in there. Then there were several totes not intended to be diaper bags per se. Issues like - not the right pockets, unable to be wiped clean etc. But they did have so much more room. Then baby #2 came and I decided to go with Skip Hops' newer, bigger one, the Dash in Brown with Pink trim. And I loved it. Or so I thought. I always knew the messenger strap was not my favorite but it was so economical, so utilitarian, so well built. Then it happened - as innocently looking over one of my favorite mommy blogs and THERE IT WAS - Amy Kathryn's Gladiola diaper bag in Eggplant and Lime (it is sold out on her site so try they even throw in a free bib) and I was ga-ga in love. I sent it to my friends as a suggestion for them. They are all due with #2 in the next few months but more on that in another post. Really though in my heart of hearts I prayed that none of them would get it, because I was secretly coveting and trying to figure out how to justify its purchase all at once. And then my friend Emily (my soul sister) emails me casually asking if maybe it would be the perfect gift from my dear friends for my birthday. Did they read my secret covetous thoughts? No they are just the best and guess what - so is the bag. Earth friendly (read - the most supple, buttery pleather ever), gorgeous colors, four outside pockets, multiple inside pockets and a changing pad with a pocket for diapers and wipes. Oh yea and the pleather is totally wipeable. The best part...I look sooo totally hip, which for this girl is the be all and end all!

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