Thursday, August 23, 2007

More on obsession

I really try to put it in check, really I do. But, sometimes it is overwhelming because I just want things a certain way. So when it came to my older daughter's first birthday, my mom made a custom ladybug cake for her and we had sheet cake for the guests. This time I have to have a sheet cake from a particular bakery (it has to be kosher) so I am more limited. Still, I thought I'll go online and find some adorable ideas for 1st birthday cake designs and ask the bakery to try to match it. Well no such luck. I spent the better part of 2 days searching and let me assure you - there is little to be had. I wanted something that could be adapted to a sheet cake and nothing too too. I was hard pressed to even be able to find images, much less ideas. I was not only disappointed, but worried I'd have to ask them to write her name and "make it cute." Alas, I found a multi-tiered cake with polka dots in citrus colors that has some fondant flowers and butterflies. I asked the bewildered woman at the bakery to "use it as a guide." Keep your finger crossed for Sunday when I pick it up. Feel free to comment at the end of this with ideas I was unable to find for sites to view 1st birthday cake designs.

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Anonymous said... has some fabulous ideas and designs for birthday cakes!!