Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Croc a doodle you

I like to consider myself open minded and easy going (a gasp from my mother’s mouth can be heard from here) but I’ll admit that I prefer when my kids clothes match, and or, coordinate. Which makes my daughter’s obsession with her purple crocs a bit hard to take. I think they are adorable and the fact that they can get wet and not stink like the locker rooms of a boys gym is a big plus as well. But really - they do not match her flower girl dress nor are they appropriate with winter clothes – until now. A total must have for kid's fall and winter feet - crocs mammoth for kids - http://www.crocs.com/ (type in kids mammoth in the search at the top and then click the image to see color selection and description). So many colors and two choices for the fuzzies (oatmeal and black) what more could a mom ask for?
So super cute and the holes are faux so no wet or cold toesies. The best part is that the fuzzy stuff is removable so they can totally get thrown in the wash. She let me get them for her in a neutral brown, which will solve many a fashion faux paus. Life is good...for now.

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Daisy said...

I saw the cutest and tiniest pair of crocs today on a toddler. They were pink, and she looked adorable in them.